Gemstone Safari - Shiny Rock Polished - Beautful, Bespoke Jewellery


Our exclusive gemstone safari is a unique gemstone and bespoke jewellery design service, whereby one of our experienced representatives will take you through the design experience, from choosing the perfect stone through to the delivery of your creation.

With a wealth of expertise, working from mine to market, we have access to special investment stones not yet available on the market.

South African diamonds are notably some of the best in the world. Shiny Rock Polished has access to South Africa’s finest diamonds. This, coupled with the fact that we have an extensive global network means that we are best placed to find you the diamond of your dreams
The quest for rubies is age old. Generations of royal families have prized the rich, red stone, and to this day the ruby remains one of the earths most regal and glamorous gems. Shiny Rock Polished is closely associated with the Ruby mines in Mozambique, and as such enjoy direct access to their top stones.
Discovered 4 000 years ago in Egypt in the famous Cleopatra mines, emeralds were thought to be gifts from the Gods. Shiny Rock Polished has a close association with the single largest emerald mine in the world, which happens to be in Africa. As a result we have been given preferal access to the best emeralds in the world.
Discovered in the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in 1967, this spectacular violet-blue gemstone is found in only one location on earth, making it a truly African gemstone. A thousand times rarer than a diamond, the supply of Tanzanite is only expected to last one more generation, thus not only a beautiful gem but a sound investment.
The magnificent Morganite. The stone of Divine Love. With its gentle pink energy, it is said, the Morganite attracts the abundance of Love into your life. The official gem of Madagascar, this 100% African gemstone comes in an incredible variation of of colours and hues.