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Anthony Matthews, Shiny Rock Polished

Get it Magazine – SEPTEMBER 2018 Diamonds. Just saying the word out loud conjures up warm, wonderful feelings of luxurious spoils, special occasions and family heirlooms. Beautiful, brilliant stones that have been sourced for thousands of years for their timeless beauty, diamonds really are a girl’s best friend. But now cultured diamonds are changing the

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Lab diamonds are more than a girl’s best friend

Cultured diamonds are graded using the same system as natural diamonds. “We sell our cultured diamonds with a certificate of authentication” advises Matthews. “We advise anyone buying one to make this a mandatory part of the purchase” he concludes. DURBAN – THE popularity of cultivated diamonds is set to grow exponentially, especially after the US’s

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Shiny Rock Polished – Synthetic Diamond Production

by Habitat Magazine | Jul 17, 2018 | Collectibles | The recent announcement by De Beers that they will be setting up their own synthetic diamond production signals a significant shift in the industry; however, the concept of laboratory-grown stones is not an entirely new one. Shiny Rock Polished, an industry specialist in the fine jewellery space,

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Choose a cultured diamond for your engagement ring – here’s why

June 25, 2018 | by All4woman Diamonds and engagement rings go together like a horse and carriage… They’re expensive and often the first major investment soon-to-be-weds make. “The person shopping for the ring is often under immense pressure to buy as big as he or she can, and to choose a stone with the best

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Get Ariana Grande’s diamond engagement ring without the hefty price tag – Glamour

June 27, 2018 Ariana Grande has been spotted wearing a pear-shaped diamond on her left hand. According to reports, the Love Me Harder signer was given the jewels earlier this month by her fiancé, Saturday Night Live comedian Pete Davidson. The ring is rumoured to be 3 carats with a VVS1 clarity and would cost

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