How to shop jewellery successfully online

If you are like me you LOVE online shopping! Especially given the time we’re in, online shopping has made it a breeze to shop almost anything in the comfort of our homes or pj’s 😉 Now if you’re a fashionista like myself, jewellery shopping is an absolute must, especially when pairing the perfect outfit…

Unfortunately, I’ve had some trouble myself with making hasty decisions and buying jewellery from untrusted jewellery stores…

From falsely advertised prices or claims of solid gold that turn out to be plated, or even stones that turn out to be other than that was advertised OR jewellery that appears to be of superior quality but when it arrives it’s a HUGE disappointment 👿 I’ve experienced it all, WISH I hadn’t…

Today I want to help you girl to girl, to avoid making the same mistakes I did when shopping jewellery online. So normally, I’d go online with something specific in mind whether looking for a gift for a friend, or browsing some engagement rings 😍 or just selecting jewellery for myself to look good on my next zoom call 💁…A girls gotta look good you know…

So when you buy online jewellery you should feel confident in your purchase (and know exactly what you’re receiving). I have some tips that I would like to shareb with you when doing your online jewellery shopping.

1. Educate yourself on different gemstones

Think about it, when shopping for a new TV or smartphone you don’t just go and buy the very first thing you see. You do some research first, in order to find the perfect device suited to you.. The same goes for valuable gems and jewellery..

There are so many gemstones out there in every color of the rainbow, and even stones like moissanite that can achieve the look of a diamond, with a much more affordable price range so you are able to go BIGGER 💎! We all know Size matters. Give yourself a little Gemstone Education in order to know what to look out for when selecting and purchasing precious stones.

2. Don’t guess your ring size

Guessing your ring size can leave you with a ring that doesn’t fit. And well, I know I don’t want to buy new bling and can’t flaunt it to the world. LUCKILY you don’t have to guess! Have a look at the Shiny Rock Polished Ring Sizer to get the perfect fit, available in a variety of global sizing formats for any country you may be visiting from 🌍

3. Conflict Free

In the jewellery world unfortunately many rebel and terrorist groups sell blood diamonds on the black market in order to fund their illegal activities, this is referred to as ‘conflict diamonds’. You do not want to buy gemstones from jewellers supporting these activities always ensure that they are conflict free.

Now I am SO lucky to be part of a company that ONLY supports conflict free diamonds 😌. We only source diamonds through our carefully selected and most respected suppliers who, like us, proudly adhere to and enforce the time-honored standards established by the Kimberley Process. We warrant that all our diamonds and gemstones are conflict free and are sourced in a sustainable and fair manner. You can read our full policy here.

4. Compare Prices

We all love to get a good deal (I know I do!) but make sure that you’re not buying shoddy jewellery just to save a few bucks. Getting a cheaper stone can often mean a less perfect or lower quality stone. And if that suits your needs, do you! Just know what you’re paying for. I love that Shiny Rock Polished has gorgeous pieces at various different price points. So I can bling on a budget or invest in fine jewellery that I can cherish forever.

5. Do Research

Before you just check out, make sure you are buying from a reputable jewellery store. Read online reviews, not just one or two but ALL OF THEM. Find out what others have experienced with that particular store. If you do come across a negative review, take into consideration that there might be more to the story. But if you do see many people complaining about similar issues you will have an idea of the negative sides to purchasing from that particular store. Reading these reviews will help you to avoid unwanted surprises and help put your mind at ease that you’ll receive the pieces that your heart desires.

Also, if you still feel uncertain, ask the store questions – an honest seller will be forthcoming with answers to any question you may have about the item and your potential purchase. Chat with me online and I will happily answer all of your questions and better yet we can address your concerns together

6. Read the fine print carefully

Now that you’ve seen what other people think of the jeweller, read the Shipping and Returns Policies. You don’t want to buy a precious piece and not have shipping insurance or have unexpected costs… You need to be covered and know exactly what to expect, especially when it comes to returns. You don’t want to be stuck with a piece that you don’t like or can’t use.. Consider a good Shipping and Return policy one that makes you feel at ease about your purchase.

Shiny Rock Polished offers Free Global Delivery & 30 Days Return or Exchange. 😊

7. Certification is Key

My top tip today is this; Avoid jewellers that do not give you certification on diamond pieces above 0.03 Carats at all cost!

Any reputable jeweller will always give you a certification document that lists the materials and specifications of your diamond for example the colour, cut, clarity and carat weight of the diamond. This document is helpful when looking to insure your piece or even just for proof of ownership.

It is our company standard to always provide our customers with the required documentation for their diamond pieces. Always Ask for this!

8. Understand Warranties

Before checking out your new favourite piece of jewellery, find out if there is a warranty from the seller or manufacturer. You don’t want to purchase new bling to find that the stones are falling out, these things happen from time to time, but knowing you are covered for a certain amount of times does help. 😳

When buying jewellery online, a good warranty should cover defects and loose gemstones for a certain period after purchase. If this is not offered you’ll be liable for the repairs. At SHINYROCKPOLISHED.COM We stand by the integrity of our craftsmanship as all of our pieces are made to order we have very stringent quality control protocols in place. In the unlikely event that one of your smaller stones (0.03ct and below) becomes dislodged from its setting; we will reset and, if necessary, replace the stone, free of charge within 30 days of purchase. Ts&Cs Apply

Shop with Confidence

Now that you have some tips on what to look out for when shopping jewellery online, go on and SPOIL YOURSELF!

Shop our collection of fine jewellery that checks all the boxes for SAFE online shopping with FREE Shipping also included (how great is that?)

Happy and Safe shopping,