The Galaxy Diamond

Visual Appeal

The designers at Shiny Rock Polished love working with salt and pepper diamonds! We have been inundated with requests for designs featuring these stones. By popular demand we have created a collection called RAW celebrating these exquisite diamonds.

A Salt and Pepper Diamond is one that has an intricate mix of black and white inclusions or ’flaws’. The white inclusions resemble the salt and black, the pepper. They have also been called ‘galaxy diamonds’ as the inclusions which mimic a clear, star-studded sky.

These forms of diamonds are viewed as being more “wild” than traditional diamonds. Due to the inclusions they are of course, less pure. This, however, has not stopped the global trend which has seen these beautiful stones become highly prized and treasured. 

They are formed in exactly the same way as traditional diamonds. Carbon deep in the earth’s crust is compacted under great pressure and extreme heat. The only difference is that salt and pepper diamonds have less clarity and have more inclusions giving them more organic detail and character. This immediately adds personality to the piece.


Global Trend

The reason for the huge interest in these diamonds is that as a result of these inclusions, no two diamonds are at all the same. The colors range from near white, speckled black/white or light grey, cloudy grey, marbled or near black. Some of these beautiful stones also contain some orange, red, yellow and even green. These salt and pepper diamonds have become extremely popular and trendy across the globe. Not only are they interesting and come in a wide range of colors and cuts, they are also far better priced.

As a result of the different colors and cuts, the jewelry produced is extraordinary, especially when comparing the styles and settings with your more traditional, classic designs. By combining both salt and pepper and traditional gem-quality diamonds and gemstones you can also create something truly special.

By pairing different colors of salt and pepper diamonds with different colored metals (rose, yellow and white gold) you can transform your piece into a real show-stopper. Shiny Rock Polished has access to the most incredible salt and pepper diamonds currently available on the market.

Sustainability and Affordability

Another added benefit is that salt and pepper diamonds are an eco-friendly alternative. The mining processes involved isn’t as taxing on the environment compared to traditional diamonds.

Salt and pepper diamonds have also become a sought after alternative as they are more affordable than traditional diamonds. This coupled with the fact that salt and pepper diamonds are far more sustainable has caught the public’s attention resulting in an exponential growth in popularity. These stones are ideal for all jewelry but make for beautiful and timeless dress rings/cocktail rings and engagement rings.

So if you are able to get your hands on a Shiny Rock Polished salt and pepper diamond, you can rest assured that your piece will be one of a kind! We invite you to explore our Raw Collection to see which salt and pepper style catches your eye.