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Cultured Diamond Jewellery

We have access to the most exceptional cultured or man-made diamonds in the world in a rainbow of vivid colours from classic white to pinks, yellows and blues.

Manufactured diamonds are generally considered more environmentally and socially conscious due to the fact that they are grown above ground. However, they have exactly the same properties as a mined diamond and are still considered a highly luxurious item. Just like a mined diamond, each and every cultured diamond is unique. READ MORE...

Diamond jewellery is something that has been sought after for centuries. Diamonds are regarded as some of the most precious and elegant stones that a person could don around their neck, wrist, and most prominently their fingers.

Used predominantly as wedding and engagement rings, the diamond’s popularity continues to soar, but many people are turning away from standard, mined diamond and looking to the more environmentally friendly and less expensive (yet equally as beautiful) cultured, lab-grown diamonds.

These man-made diamonds are 100% diamonds and are every bit as sophisticated and gorgeous as the mined diamonds but come at a fraction of the cost and at a fraction of the environmental damage. They also come in a variety of colours, predominantly, white, yellow, pink and blue. It is important to note, that although man-made diamonds are comparatively better priced, they are by no means cheap! They would still be regarded as one of the more expensive gemstones on the market.

Synthetic diamonds are diamonds that do not occur naturally and instead are man made. Not only are these cultivated diamonds every bit as beautiful as a traditionally mined diamond (if not more beautiful), they are conflict free.

With all of the controversy surrounding the mining of natural diamonds, this environmentally friendly and conflict free alternative allows our clients to wear beautiful diamond pieces without having any of the guilt associated with the mining process. Lab grown diamonds are often created in facilities that are designed to create as little emissions as possible, while the mines that real diamonds are extracted from often take a lot of machinery and manpower to produce, which unfortunately leave a much larger footprint on the ozone and on the environment in general.

Shiny Rock Polished is one of the only companies in South Africa with access to the best cultured or lab-grown diamonds on the market. Contact us today and one of our highly qualified gemstone and jewellery consultants will take you through the process of choosing the perfect lab grown diamond for you.

Shiny Rock Polished specializes in beautiful fine jewellery. Our designers are the best at what they do. Your own bespoke cultured diamond ring is waiting to be discovered and Shiny Rock Polished will custom design a piece that can never be replaced.Less