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Morganite Jewellery

The magnificent Morganite. The stone of Divine Love. With its gentle pink energy, it is said, the Morganite attracts the abundance of Love into your life. This soft and feminine stone ranges in colour from pale pink to a deep salmon hue. READ MORE...

Morganite is a gemstone that forms in large crystals. It is a gem that was first found in Madagascar in the year 1910 and is one of the rarer gemstone varieties out there. While it is rarer than aquamarine, it can still be found in large crystals as large as 22 pounds. The reason for its availability is speculated to be because it has not been marketed to the jewellery industry as heavily as its other rare counterparts like emerald and aquamarine

A morganite gemstone makes for excellent bespoke jewellery and has become increasingly popular. Shiny Rock Polished has the best prices and supply of morganites in South Africa, if not the world.

We specialize in custom designed jewellery, and morganites are among of favourite stones to work with. This is especially true if you order one of our custom designed rings, as most people do not have a morganite ring or any other kind of jewellery featuring morganite for that matter, making it rare to be seen in every sense.

Morganite is generally a pinkish purple colour that has intense colour saturation and is beautiful to behold, especially when fashioned into a handmade bespoke design. It is light in colour and makes it a beautiful pastel gemstone that is dainty, feminine and striking. The reason for its peachy colour is because of the presence of manganese in the stone. Perfect as a bespoke ring, Morganite is often treated with heat in order to make the pink stand out more, as it has more of an orange-pink colour in its natural state. This treatment is routine and will likely be used on most Morganite jewellery. Magenta-coloured Morganite is also a possible colour choice, but most custom-designed morganite rings are going to be of the pinkish-purple varieties.

Morganite is a durable gemstone that makes for an excellent choice in jewellery, even for those who lead an active lifestyle. It is rated a 7.5 to an 8 on the Mohs scale, making it only a number away from the diamond. Morganite rings are also simple to clean, furthering their durability and long-lasting nature. It has many other redeeming qualities including lustre, brilliance and clarity, which makes this stable stone a beautiful choice all around for a ring. Often called other names such as caesian, rose beryl, pink beryl and even the “pink emerald,” this pink, salmon-coloured stone is easily recognizable. If you get a bespoke morganite ring, you can be sure that it will draw a lot of comments and compliments due its sheer rarity and multifaceted beauty.

Morganite is able to be cut into a number of different kinds of shapes and cuts, providing you with a custom design, totally handmade to your specifications to ensure that you have a ring that is totally your own. With morganite, you can turn a beautiful and unique stone into a striking ring that is completely your own. It provides a multifaceted ring that is unlike most others, and its rarity makes it a true luxury to own. Pair it with a bespoke service and see what a morganite ring can do for your collection.

Shiny Rock Polished specializes in beautiful fine jewellery. Our designers are the best at what they do. Your own bespoke morganite ring is waiting to be discovered and Shiny Rock Polished will custom design a piece that can never be replaced.Less