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Yellow Diamond Jewellery

These rich, intensely coloured stones are the epitome of luxury and rarity. Hugely desired and absolutely captivating to look at. Fancy yellow diamonds are available in a variety of colours, from a warm deep yellow to a pale lighter hue. READ MORE...
The yellow diamond, which is also known as both the Canary Yellow diamond and Canary diamond, is one of the most common forms of the fancy coloured diamonds. While they are relatively common, they only make up 60 percent of the coloured diamond niche; this means that one out of every 16,500 carats of diamonds mined are yellow, which does indeed make them rare. The yellow diamond has, as of late, become a popular choice for diamonds because of their beautiful sheen and the fact that they are more affordable then the other fancy colours, especially when creating a bespoke yellow diamond ring. These diamonds feature unique colour combinations which help make each of the custom designed yellow diamond rings and jewellery totally unique in their own right. Yellow diamonds come from South Africa and can be a variety of colours, from light yellow to almost clear “fancy” grade yellow. Aside from their vivid colour, they also come in and can be cut in a variety of different ways, These cuts include, but are not limited to oval cut, round brilliant cut, princess cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, and radiant cut to name a few. Yellow diamonds often possess secondary hues as well, making sure that each diamond is totally unique; no two yellow diamonds will ever look the same. Yellow diamonds are becoming increasingly popular, making them something that many engaged couples or soon-to-be engaged couples are turning to for their engagement or wedding rings. There has been a definite departure from the regular, classic diamond rings. They help to modernize the appeal of diamond rings while still clinging to the traditional stone used for engagements and commitments. Handmade, bespoke yellow diamond rings are especially great for engagement or dress rings, and can be crafted to cater to a variety of styles unique to each bride or bride-to-be, allowing them to become truly memorable and cherished pieces that standard diamonds simply cannot match. Such diamonds, as mentioned, come in a variety of colours for the bride to choose from as well. The colour range starts down at faint and very light in colour to what they call fancy intense and fancy vivid which means that the colour is more prominent as the scale goes up. This does not even mention the appearance of secondary colours in the yellow diamonds which can add a multifaceted look to your ring and allow it to be a bespoke piece that is utterly and completely your own. Your favourite shade can be chosen from our huge selection, and then once you’ve chosen your stone one of our designers will help you choose and custom design the perfect diamond ring. A handmade yellow diamond piece shows that you appreciate the beauty of a classic diamond but you are looking for something a little bit more unique and special. Keep one foot in the contemporary world and one in the traditional with a yellow diamond ring or piece of jewellery handmade just or you. Shiny Rock Polished specialises in beautiful fine jewellery. Our designers are the best at what they do. Your own bespoke yellow diamond ring is waiting to be discovered and Shiny Rock Polished will custom design a piece that can never be replaced.Less